Helping Teenagers Who Self Injure

Part 1

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Roy addresses a serious affliction facing many teens today: self-injurious behavior. In this first of a two-part discussion of what is often known as “cutting,” Roy explains the root causes of self-injurious behavior and why these actions are taken by young people.

Roy discusses the various names and methods teens use to injure themselves, the affect these actions have on the brain, what teens are getting from self-injurious behavior, and finally, how parents and other adults can address this issue with the young people in their lives.

Part 2

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In this second episode on teen self-injurious behavior, Roy explains the severity of such behavior and why parents and others who work with teens should not ignore it. Roy offers anecdotes from his work with teens that illustrates how important it is to seek professional help for teens who are hurting themselves and strategies that parents and adults can use to broach the subject with teens.

December 27, 2016