Parenting from the Inside Out

    In these episodes, Roy explores what he calls "parenting from the inside out," a philosophy which means approaching parenting with mindfulness and intent, reflecting on what motivates our actions, reactions, behaviors, and values as parents. In episode 1, Roy encourages parents  to learn how God is working [...]

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Chris Padgett – Being Real with Yourself and Teenagers

In this episode, Roy talks with Catholic musician, speaker, and author Chris Padgett. Chris uses a variety of storytelling, comedy, and music to bring his unique take on the Gospel to  audiences across the world. Chris has written six books on a variety of topics, including marriage, the [...]

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Importance of Talking to Your Kids About Bullying in Person and Online

We were all young once. We went through many of the same problems teenage children are going through when we were their age. Dating troubles, going through puberty, peer pressure, school anxiety and many other issues have been around for decades and will surely always be around. The problem, though, [...]

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Doug Tooke – Teaching Teens to Pray

In this episode, Roy welcomes Doug Tooke. Doug is a youth minister and current international speaker and Executive Director of Reach Youth Ministry. Doug is also the founder of Monarch Ministries, which provides resources and training in youth ministry, family dynamics, and leadership development. Roy and Doug discuss the [...]

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Interview with Dan Jurek – Being Present to Anxious Teenagers

In this episode Roy interviews Dan Jurek, LPC, LMFT, the founder and director of Pax Renewal Center for Individual, Couple and Family Therapy. Dan's vast experience working with youth and young adults includes serving as a youth minister, teacher, spiritual director, school administrator, college dean and now therapist [...]

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Parents: This Is Your Teen’s Brain on Social Media

Parents often struggle to navigate the muddy waters of teenage behavior management, especially when it comes to new technology like social media. Many parents realize that social media can be dangerous for teens, but one of its most serious risks goes mostly unnoticed. Yes, social media opens teens up to [...]

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