Five Tips for Talking to Your Teenager about Violence

Listen to the Podcast Watch the Video Five Tips for Talking to Teens about Violence In the wake of violent events its common for teens, even those who wouldn’t normally approach adults, to ask questions and express concerns. For many adults this is a stressful experience because they don’t [...]

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How To Help Teens Suffering From Test Anxiety

Many people think that text anxiety is a joke, an excuse dreamed up by overprotective parents, pop psychologists, or entitled teens. After all, they say, everyone gets stressed about tests at school, so what? These teens just need to toughen up. This is the harmful message the world is communicating [...]

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Katie Prejean McGrady on The New Evangelization

In this first part of a two part interview we discuss: The adult who influenced Katie the most (8:00) Katie talks about lessons she's learned through failure (16:00) Seeing beyond teens' masks, behavior and questions into their heart (18:00)    Katie Prejean McGrady is a teacher, author, [...]

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Five Essential Skills Adults Need to Communicate with Teenagers

Listen to the Podcast In this episode of Today's Teenager, I discuss five essential skills needed to communicate effectively with today's teens. If you only have 3 minutes, check out this brief segment where I talk about the non-obvious obstacles to being a good listener. You might be surprised at [...]

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Summer Relationship & Teen Parenting Books + $20 iTunes Card Giveaway!

Welcome to Roy Petitfils' Summer Book Giveaway! One lucky winner will take home two of Roy's best-selling relationship & teen parenting books plus a $20 iTunes gift card Roy Petitfils' Relationship & Teen Parenting Books in this Contest For two decades, Roy Petitfils has been a licensed counselor specializing in [...]

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Teaching Social Skills to Today’s Teenagers

Listen to the Podcast “We're losing social skills: how to read a person's mood, their body language, how to be patient until the moment is right to make a point. Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanizes what is a very, very important part of living together.” [...]

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Announcing the Today’s Teenager Podcast

After months of prayer and planning, I've finally launched Today's Teenager, a podcast that helps adults understand, reach and influence today's teens. Each features an in depth look at topics such as communication, spirituality, discipline, setting boundaries, trust, normal vs. abnormal teen behavior and more. I'd really appreciate it if you [...]

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12 Tips for Setting Healthy Limits on Teenage Video Game Playing

Listen to the Podcast Episode Because every teen is different and every family is different, it's tough to suggest hard and fast rules. For almost every tip I offer, I can usually think of several teens and families who don’t fit in that category or for whom that [...]

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